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9-2 Vikings beat Patriots 33-26 on T'Giving. Next up, hosting the 7-4 Jets in another good matchup!!

It has become clear that the Minnesota Vikings ownership made the best Head Coaching hire in the NFL this past offseason. Kevin O'Connell has come in and given this franchise an absolute confidence boost and convinced the team that they are good enough to win. This whole season has also shown that stats absolutely do not matter when it comes to finding ways to win. Mac Jones just statistically had the best game of his life and the Vikings were still able to come out with the win to improve to 9-2. It's funny because when I watch the Vikings defense, I see one of the best defenses in the NFL. People get too blinded by stats, and yes some of the stats show the Vikings defense as ranking next to last in the NFL. But how are the Vikings 9-2 when our defense is the "worst" in the NFL, our QB is having his worst statistical season of his life, our high priced RB has been non-existent, and our kicker can't make an extra point? It's because stats don't always matter when a team believes they can win. If it wasn't for our defense, we wouldn't be at the record we are at and that's a fact. Kevin O'Connell has also done a wonderful job of taking the ball out of Cousins hands and when we do need Cousins to do something, O'Connell has done the thinking for him. "Throw the ball up to your playmakers." I hope this continues the rest of the season and into the playoffs. I do think, for the long run, that we are still a QB away from making an actual run in the playoffs, but we won't focus on that right now. The Vikings defense and Justin Jefferson played another brilliant game against the Patriots to come out with another win, a 33-26 victory over the New England Patriots. I do think 3 main areas will need to change for the Vikings to become actual contenders for the Super Bowl: hiring a new Defensive Coordinator, finding a reliable kicker, and drafting/trading for a QB that can take us to the next level. But lets keep enjoying this season as we go!

The Jets will pose another tough matchup as they have one of the best defenses in the NFL. It will be crucial for the offense to run plays that get the passes out quickly to our playmakers. The Jets offense found some new life last week by benching QB Zach Wilson for QB Mike White. All Mike White does is throw for a bunch of yards and touchdowns, and the Jets have some very solid playmakers at WR. The Vikings defense should force some timely turnovers like they always do and Justin Jefferson will have another big game. I predict a 27-22 victory for the Vikings to improve to 10-2. The Vikings can also clinch the NFC North if they win and if the Lions lose to the Jaguars, so that will be something fun to watch for! Let's go, Vikings!

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