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Bears @ Vikings in 1st ever Week 18 matchup, both teams out of playoff contention, playing for pride

Yes, neither the Vikings or the Bears can make the playoffs heading into Week 18, but that doesn't mean it is 'meaningless.' These professional athletes are still making MILLIONS of dollars to go gear up and put on a show. Fans are still wanting to see a fun game. These 2 teams need to go into this game with the mentality to win, get creative, and have some fun in the process. I want to be entertained and don't want to see 2 teams trying to lose just to move up one spot higher in next year's draft.

QB Cousins is back, Dalvin Cook is in the lineup, and Justin Jefferson will be flying up and down the field. The Vikings have the potential to end the season on a very high note by kicking the shit out of their second biggest rival. The Bears are a much worse team right now and the Vikings should not be losing this game if they take it seriously. My prediction is the Vikings come out strong right from the opening kickoff and come out with a convincing 27-13 win. This is the type of no pressure game that QB Cousins will thrive in. It is not a primetime game, no pressure to make the playoffs, and the Bears are not a good team. I would expect Cook to go over 100 total yards, Jefferson should have 100+ receiving yards, and Cousins to have 300+ passing yards and 2+ passing touchdowns. If the Vikings struggle and lose this game, I think the chances of major offseason changes to be much more likely. Come on, Vikings! Beat the Bears and give the fans of Minnesota a fun end of the season performance! PARTY!

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