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Dalvin Cook and the Vikings beat the Steelers 36-28, improve to 6-7 on the season!

Welcome to the Dalvin Cook SHOW! Dalvin Cook was on another level last Sunday against the Steelers in Primetime. He was able to put up 222 total yards and 2 touchdowns to lead the Vikings past the Steelers in a much needed win to stay in the playoff picture. The QB play and defensive play didn't exactly play well in the second half. With just over 2 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter, Vikings winning 29-0, the Steelers were able to score a Touchdown for their first points of the evening. Future HoF, Big Ben, decided to show up and somehow make this a game in the last 17 minutes. Going from 29-0 Vikings with 2:15 left in the 3rd, to 36-28 Vikings with 0:02 left and the Steelers threatening to score and tie the game left no Vikings fan surprised. In fact, Big Ben actually made a hell of a pass to his triple covered tight end in the endzone and had the completion until Harry the Hitman swiped the ball loose as time expired. Vikings win IN PRIMETIME 36-28!!!

The Vikings just can't seem to win a game going away, but that is how it goes with the QB we have. Cousins is a career .500 QB for a reason. If we have a big lead, the other team will fight their way back (and the defense gets blamed, they should have some blame, but constant 3&outs from the offense don't help), or we go down big and Cousins and the offense fights its way back after being a big reason why we were losing in the first place. By the time it gets to the 4th, we have a close game that can go either way...leaving Vikings fans biting their nails not having any confidence with anyone on the team, especially the leader of the offense. This one ended with a positive outcome for the good guys, at least. :)

This is what we have right now and it's not going to stop us from cheering every week for our hometown team! Next up is another Primetime matchup against one of our division rivals, the Chicago Bears. I will have more on this matchup in my preview later today. Go Vikings!

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