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Vikings keep to their winning ways, beat Buffalo 33-30 in OT! Next up, a tough Cowboys team.

The Vikings are 8-1, THE VIKINGS ARE 8-1! HOLY SHIT! Can't say I saw this coming. Vikings vs Bills might also go down as the Game Of The Year. The Vikings got off to a hot start, driving right down the field for a touchdown on their opening drive. But then QB Cousins started doing everything he could to lose this game. A number of 3&outs and 2 horrible interceptions switched the 7-0 lead to a 27-10 deficit late in the 3rd quarter. But Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and the Vikings defense had other ideas with the final 16+ minutes of regulation. Cook, Jefferson, and the Defense weren't about to back down. With just over a minute left in the 3rd quarter, Cook ripped off an 81 yard touchdown run to completely shift the momentum in this game and bring the score to 27-17. On the next Bills drive, CB Patrick Peterson intercepted Josh Allen's pass in the end zone to give back the momentum the Vikings had taken over! This eventually led to a beautiful drive with multiple 4th down conversions, big passes to Thielen and Hockenson, and eventually leading to a touchdown by FB CJ Ham! With the score now 27-23, the Vikings were able to force another Bills punt. The drive stalled at 4th&18 and looked grim with under 3 minutes to go when a miracle happened! Cousins prayed to God and God told him to snap the ball wait a few second and chuck it up to Justin Jefferson in quadruple coverage. Jefferson, with one hand, leaped up and took it out of the CB's hands for what might go down as one of the greatest catches of all time, rivaling Odell Beckham's one-handed catch with the Giants. The Vikings continued to drive down the field ONLY TO BE STOPPED ON 4TH&GOAL AT THE 1 INCH LINE WITH 44 SECOND LEFT! OH NOOOOOOOO! IT'S OVER! ...But wait... The Bills go to do a quick snap and a QB sneak to get away from the end zone... "Zero breathing room, [Josh Allen] tries to sneak it, THE BALL IS LOOSE, IMPOSSIBLE, DO THE VIKINGS HAVE IT??!? A scramble, IT IS A TOUCHDOWN [FOR THE VIKINGS] ON THEIR LAST BREATHE!!!!" Eric Kendricks was able to recover the fumble in the end zone for the Vikings touchdown and now hold a 30-27 lead! But that wasn't it. The Bills, with 30 seconds left, were able to drive down the field and tie it up at 30-all and send the game into OT. In OT, the Vikings went right down the field but got stalled and were forced to kick a field goal giving them a 33-30 advantage, but also giving the Bills one last hope. The Bills were able to drive right down and take a couple shots at the end zone for the win. But it all came to an end with PATRICK PETERSON'S SECOND ENDZONE INTERCEPTION OF THE DAY TO SEAL THE VICTORY IN WHAT WILL BE THE GAME OF THE YEAR! UNBELIEVABLE! I have watched the replay of this game a couple times and still can't understand how the Vikings pulled this one off. Amazing!

This Sunday, the 8-1 Vikings will host the 6-3 Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are coming off a disappointing loss to the horrendous Green Bay Packers, blowing a double digit 4th quarter lead. That being said, the Cowboys have a very good defense along with an offense that can be very good. The Cowboys are also 1.5 point favorites on the road against arguably the best team in the NFC. I don't really understand that line, unless Vegas is taking into account a let down game for the Vikings after an emotional win on the road last week. I am going to stay positive and say the Vikings continue their winning ways and beat the Cowboys 27-24 in yet another back and forth game, coming down to the final couple of drives. This game will depend on which offense can make less mistakes. If the Vikings keep giving the ball to Jefferson and Hockenson, good things will happen. Let's go, Vikings! Keep this winning streak going!

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