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Vikings lose 29-27 embarrassingly to the winless Lions, fall to 5-7

First off, congratulations to the Detroit Lions on winning their first game of the season and improving to 1-10-1 on the season. The Minnesota Vikings (now 5-7), on the other hand, what the hell?! There is just no leadership on this team anymore. I had said in 2018 when the Vikings announced a 3-year, fully guaranteed deal to QB Cousins that we would never get back to where we were in 2017, that we would make the playoffs once during Cousins' 3 year deal, and the team would slowly decline in performance. QB's affect more of a team's success than many people understand. When the Vikings announced they were EXTENDING Cousins for 2 more seasons, I said it would lead to the eventual rebuild of this team in some capacity and that we would finish the 5 seasons with just the 1 playoff appearance, maybe a 2nd if we got lucky one season since they added a 7 seed.

This is what Cousins does to teams, he just can't elevate an organization like many of the good QBs are able to do, and the Redskins saw that. He is being paid as the second highest paid QB this season and next season will only be worse. He has an ability to put good stats on paper, but when you watch him play you understand why he is nothing more than avg-below avg as a QB. For an outsider looking in, Cousins played well throwing for 340 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, and 116.7 passer rating. I won't go too deep into this, but even though it appears he played well on paper, the fact is he did not. We just lost to one of the worst teams in the history of sports, dating all the way back to the Greek Olympic Games, before they were known as the Olympics. The QB is the leader of the team and good QBs don't allow their teams to lose these types of games. Pathetic. Embarrassing. We signed him to "be the missing piece to get us to the Super Bowl." What a stupid-ass decision. Washington knew that Cousins' ability would have a ceiling to only ever take them so far, and they decided that they'd rather continuing searching for their franchise QB year after year instead of putting their fanbase through the annoyance of watching Cousins play football. He isn't a leader, he isn't exciting, he has no pocket awareness, he can't move, he doesn't elevate teammates around him in a positive way, and he doesn't do anything special. What's more frustrating is he shows flashes of being able to run and being able to make throws that only a few QBs in the NFL can make. He just doesn't do anything consistently. He performs best when there is no pressure. When there is pressure, he curls up like a little school boy biotch.

I don't know if this is the recap you came here to read, but I wasn't about to sit here and talk about what happened in the game. People can sit around and say the blame should be on the front office, the coaches, the defense, the offensive line, the play calling, the kicker, the WRs, the running backs, injuries, the ball boy, the chain gain, the recent episode of your favorite tv show, or the new holiday special at Starbucks, but this is what happened to Washington and everything I called would happen to the Vikings franchise has happened. Look, the Vikings had a Super Bowl capable roster when Cousins came to town and now just 3.5 seasons later...we are just a middle of the pack team floating around .500...shocker. GO VIKINGS! YEAHHHHHH!

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