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Exceptional Date Ideas

Since roughly 53.6% of Americans are in a relationship, I thought it would be a good idea to share some date ideas. The 46.3% of you single folk can refer back to this at a later time (the other 0.1%...I don't know what's going on). Please take these ideas seriously as these all have a 100% effectiveness in strengthening the bond of your relationship with your significant other. Please enjoy with a bowl of steamed asparagus & Brussels sprouts and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

  • Read a book together. 2 of the same book, 1 for each of you. Read at the same pace, aloud, together. 1 should be reading in a low voice, while the other reads in a high-pitched voice. This will also lead to a great comprehension of the book and you won't have to go back a re-read the parts you didn't understand.

  • Make dinner together. Like a garlic, bean, asparagus dish...or something like that.

  • Run a marathon together.

  • Grow a Chia Pet and watch it grow. But you have to finish watching it grow until it's done growing. It's a really fun date.

  • Go to a local outdoor ice rink and throw snowballs at the ice skates that are actively attached to human feet. Do it with a hot cocoa or hot apple cider in your non dominant hands.

  • Go strawberry picking at a local apple orchard.

  • Pretend to both be blind and walk around town poking people with your blind mobility sticks. "This is really insensitive to blind people.." Shut up. It's a fun Braille date.

  • Plan an elaborate date 5 years from now in each of your iPhone calendars. It's going to be funny, regardless. If you don't have an iPhone, why don't you have an iPhone?

  • Sign up for a high school food fight reenactment on activity day. This is a super good idea especially if one of you never experienced one while in high school.

  • Finally, get some fresh deli sandwiches (with mozzarella cheese) and make sure you're both wearing big pants so you can put them in your pockets while you play darts off an overpass. The tires are bullseyes.

I would love for you the share other great ideas! Date night is one of my favorite nights :D

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