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Minnesota Vikings (2-3) travel to face the Carolina Panthers (3-2) Week 6


If you have been following my blog, you already know who I am picking to win this game. The Vikings. After Minnesota started out 0-2, I said they would beat Seattle (yup), lose to Cleveland (yup), beat Detroit (yup), and then beat Carolina (tbd) to get to 3-3 with 11 games remaining on the schedule.

Both teams come into this game with the same question: Will their best offensive play-maker be active? Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey have each been battling injuries the last couple of weeks and have missed time. They both provide incredible talent and help each team's passing game by forcing opposing defenses to stack the boxes to prevent explosive running plays. Right now, it seems more likely that Cook will play and McCaffrey will not. McCaffrey has missed 2 straight games, the Panthers lost both, and QB Sam Darnold has thrown 5 interceptions in those games. I would expect much of the same from Darnold and the offense if their running back is to miss a 3rd straight game.

Minnesota's offense has gone 8 straight second half quarters without scoring a touchdown. I would like to see a full-game consistency from the offense, as the Vikings defense has been playing very well this season. If Minnesota can travel to Carolina and play a complete game, they should win on Sunday with ease. As a Vikings fan, I know that would be too much to expect. I see this game staying close throughout ultimately ending in a Vikings 29-23 victory and getting back to .500 with 11 games remaining on the schedule.

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