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Minnesota Vikings 2021 Week 2

Well, the good news is the Vikings have Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and 16 games left to make a splash this season. Winning isn't going to come easy this year after being upset in Cincinnati by the Bengals in Week 1. The Vikings team didn't feel organized and honestly felt like we were still in a preseason mindset. The Vikings continually shot themselves in the foot with foolish penalties and had a couple tough reviews go against them. They opened the season on the road against the worst team in the AFC North and lost in OT... so what? That game is over. Time to move on to the next game and play much more focused.

When the Vikings are playing well, it usually means Dalvin Cook is playing well. The offensive line has its flaws in the passing game with an immobile QB behind them , but with a Running Back like Cook, they need to really get him going early with a high focus on first quarter run blocking. This will free up the passing game for the later quarters, as well as keep the ball out Kyler Murray's hands. Cook is a top-3 all around RB in the NFL and the Vikings need to remember that. If the Vikings can get Dalvin Cook going and the offense can come out more focused with MUCH less penalties, they will have a real shot at coming out of Arizona with a win.

Ultimately, the Cardinals will force a couple Vikings turnovers resulting in a 31-27 victory for AZ. Minnesota will head back in search of their first victory of the 2021 season in their Home Opener against the Seattle Seahawks. #SKOL

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