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Rams beat the Vikings, fall to 7-8 with 2 games remaining

QB Stafford threw 3 interceptions and the Rams were still able to beat the Vikings, 30-23. The Vikings don't have a leader on offense, so when the defense does well and creates turnovers, it essentially means nothing. The Vikings go 3 & out too often and don't capitalize on opportunities enough for this team to be elite. I saw a lot of blame going around after the loss, just like every loss this season. I have talked about what I think is the main driver for our teams' mediocrity these last 4 years, so I am not going into it.

The Vikings now need to win out, finish 9-8, and likely need some help in order to get into the playoffs. It won't be easy considering our last 2 games are against the Packers and Bears. I would be surprised if we end up making the playoffs, but it isn't impossible! Lets go, Vikings!

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