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Your MINNESOTA VIKINGS ARE BACK! Kicking off the season hosting the Waste Management Packers.

Football season is FINALLY BACK! The Minnesota Vikings made a bunch of changes with their coaching staff and front office. They parted ways with General Manager Rick Spielman after 16 seasons and Mike Zimmer after 8 seasons. It was time for a change at both positions and I feel good about who the Vikings owners decided to bring in! They went much younger with the hiring of Head Coach Kevin O'Connell (37 years old) and General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah (41 years old). O'Connell and Mensah both bring a refreshing, positive vibe to the team...something this organization hasn't had in decades. Besides a few new additions to the roster, your 2022 Vikings will essentially be the same team that we have seen over the past few seasons. That tells me that ownership felt that it was coaching that was holding this current team back. I think it was a mixture of coaching, a negative culture, major injuries, and the playing ability of certain key positions (if you have followed my articles last season, you should know what I am talking about).

I do think the change in Head Coach and General Manager are going to be very positive for the future of the Vikings organization, but I do not think we will see a huge change this season. Back when the schedule was officially released by the NFL, I went through each game and came out with the Vikings finishing at 8-9, the same record as last season. Now I do think the positive attitude that O'Connell brings as Head Coach will rub off on the team and lead to a much more relaxed and excited Vikings team. I could see this team finishing with somewhere between 8-10 wins. That would put us right on the edge of making the playoffs and likely coming down to the final few games of the season to get in. Let's have a special season, Vikings, and make the playoffs for the wonderful fans in Minnesota!

Now for my Week 1 Prediction! The Vikings open the 2022 season (and new era) against our hated division rival, the Green Bay Packers (BOOOOOOO). We will see QB Cousins VS the back-to-back MVP (and heavy drug user) Aaron Rodgers. Even though I may think the Packers will win this game, you will NEVER catch Birdman's Blog predicting a team from Wiscansin to beat a team from Minnesota. I will never do something like that. The Vikings have way more offensive weapons, but the Packers arguably have the better defense. That being said, this one will obviously be an easy win for our Vikings, coming away with a dominant 70-3 victory over the Cheeseheads of Wiscansin. This will be a great Sunday and an even better way to start the 2022 NFL season. I'm pumped...are YOU?! LET'S GO VIKINGS!!! BAAAAROOOOOOOO!

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Sep 10, 2022

Sounds about right.

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