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Super Bowl LVII is upon us this Sunday! Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs, Hurts vs Mahomes!

Before we jump into the preview, let's take a look at Birdman's predictions from the Divisional Round and Conference Championships. I ended up picking all 4 Divisional Round games correctly: "Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs will win this one fairly easily. Patrick Mahomes is a beast and Andy Reid has an incredible record when coming off of bye weeks. New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts is still nursing an injury, but the Eagles are the much better team and will win. Don't be fooled by the Giants offensive performance last week, the Vikings have a historically bad defense. Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills: This is the toughest game this weekend to pick and will likely be the best game. I really enjoy watching both teams, but this is the only road team I am picking to win. Bengals win after Josh Allen commits a late, costly turnover to end the Bills season. Dallas Cowboys @ San Fransisco 49ers: This will be another close game. Ultimately, the 49ers defense will be too much for Dak Prescott to overcome. The 49ers talented offense will score enough points to win this game." The Chiefs, Bengals, Eagles, and 49ers all advanced to the Conference Championship round. Now, I did not write a blog for the Conference Championship round, but I did make a prediction in my group text to my friends. I predicted the Eagles and Chiefs to each advance to Super Bowl 57 in Arizona. Perfect so far.

SUPER BOWL LVII: Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Sunday is the best sporting event in the history of the world. Whether your team is in it or not or whether you even enjoy watching football, this championship game is the one that brings everybody together. There are potluck parties, epic commercials, solid halftime shows, and the final football game of the season! The game doesn't always turn out to be the best game of the year, but the event is always a good time!

Luckily, this year we get to see the 2 best teams this season match up in the final game! The Eagles, led by QB Jalen Hurts, are the deepest, most well rounded team and the Chiefs feature a dynamic offense led by Head Coach Andy Reid and the NFL's best QB, Patrick Mahomes. Both teams have had 2 weeks off to rest up and prepare for the Super Bowl, so they both should be close to 100%. I believe this game is going to be back and forth until the very end. Both offenses feature electric playmakers and both defenses have big time playmakers that will be flying around, causing chaos. I have a feeling we are going to look back on this game as one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory. I predict the Philadelphia Eagles to outlast the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24. That being said, I will be cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs. There should be zero people outside of Philadelphia actually rooting for the Eagles because Philly is full of a**holes...and I know they'll accept that as a HUGE compliment! :)

*Comment below with your Super Bowl 57 score predictions*

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who read my blog this season! I do it for fun and enjoy sharing my thoughts, predictions, and opinions. I appreciate you taking time out of your schedules to visit my website. I hope it brings you a few minutes of relaxation every once in awhile, even if you don't agree with some of my opinions. That's the beauty of sports! So, hang with the boys, eat some good food, and enjoy Super Bowl LVII!

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