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5-1 Vikings (coming off a bye week) host the 3-4 Cardinals.

We will get a good look at the adjustments the Vikings players and coaches made over the bye week. After starting 5-1 and being safely in 1st place in the NFC North, the schedule does start to get a bit more challenging. The Cardinals are deceptively sitting at 3-4. They have had some injuries and they also didn't have their best WR (Hopkins) for the first 6 game due to a PED suspension. They also traded for WR Robbie Anderson and could be getting RB James Conner back from injury. Not gonna lie, this game does make me a little nervous. The Cardinals finally had a dominant victory in DeAndre Hopkins' first game back from suspension. They also had 2 pick-6's in the game against the Saints. This Cardinals team does feel like a team that is finally figuring things out and playing with confidence. The Vikings are coming off a bye, but also haven't been winning convincingly against teams that they should be handling with ease. Let's take a lunch break and see the takes from Max and Jack..

Lunch Break Takes with Jacks and Max and Justin:

  • Jack, current dog owner, predicts a 4 point victory for the Vikings. He says, "The Vikings should win by 4 points, but this is also one of the first teams that we will face that isn't battling quite as many major injuries and coming off their highest scoring game of their season. We could see a tough Cousins performance."

  • Max, the Travelin' Troubadour, predicts a 10 point victory for the Vikings. Stating "The Vikings will win by 10 points if the game ends and the Vikings have 10 more points than the Cardinals. Tap tap tappin' our way to VICTORY!"

  • Justin, future homeowner and always has a clean car, says "I think the team that ends up scoring more points when the game ends will be the team that gets the win."

Thank you Jack, Max, and Justin for those wonderful predictions! I love that the Vikings have started out 5-1, but it definitely doesn't feel like a dominant 5-1 team. The Cardinals seem like a 3-4 team that is turning a corner after dominating a Saints team that the Vikings barely beat. I predict a 23-20 victory for the Cardinals in this game. I think with the return of Hopkins, the addition of Anderson at WR, the confident and aggressive defense, and the playmaking ability of QB Kyler Murray will end up being too much for the Vikings. The Vikings can win this game, no doubt, but I just have a bad feeling about this one. I hope I'm proven wrong! Go Vikings!!!

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