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Bonus Bye Week Vikings Post!! Vikings fans "It's the hope that kills you." ... Not so fast!

I think sometimes my views on the Vikings come off negative at times. To me, I see it more as a realistic point of view backed by stats, numbers, and following what trends have stayed consistent over time. For example, it happens so often that if a career .260 batter in baseball starts the first half of the season batting can almost guarantee he will bat .300 in the second half to finish the season at his career average, .260. Another example is a career .500 QB with over 120 starts is almost always going to end up finishing the season back around .500. In QB Cousins case, his record against teams with winning records and in primetime games is historically bad, but against teams at or below .500, he usually wins. Coincidentally, our 5 wins this season have come against teams that are .500 or under and our 1 loss is against the only undefeated team left. Funny how trends in sports stay consistent. I try to live with a positive outlook in life. Friends and family who know me can attest to that and you can also check out my multiple "Positivity In Life" posts! That's why I consider my views with sports not negative, but realistic and with a positive, funny, & and satire spin. I write because it brings me joy and I want to be able to share that with my family, friends, strangers, sports fans, & HOT BABES... :) of course. Sorry ladies, there is currently a wait list...but if you reach out, I may bump you up to the front!

I decided to write this bonus article because I wanted to share a quote that I think resonates extremely well with us Minnesota Vikings fans right now. The quote comes from S1E10 of the award winning Apple TV show, Ted Lasso. This is also one of my favorite shows because it includes so many valuable life lessons besides just being a comedy. During Ted Lasso's first season as the soccer team's Gaffer, his team is in a must win situation against the league's best team. It's a win or get relegated moment and he gives this speech to the team:

"So I've been hearing this phrase y'all got over here that I ain't too crazy about. 'It's the hope that kills you.' Y'all know that? I disagree, you know? I think it's the lack of hope that comes and gets you. See, I believe in hope. I believe in belief. Now, where I'm from, we got a saying too, yeah? A question, actually. 'Do you believe in miracles?' Now, I don't need y'all to answer that question for me... but I do want you to answer that question for yourselves. Right now. Do you believe in miracles? And if you do... then I want y'all to circle up with me right now. Come on! Let's go!"

No matter how the Vikings season ends this year, we as fans need to live in the moment, stay positive, keep that hope, and BELIEVE in this squad. This new coaching staff, led by Kevin O'Connell, is already proving to show that they are something special. This is a long term point of view. This season may not end the way we want it to, but we can already see a shift in the players and their buy-in to this new culture. I think the ownership made the perfect decision with this new Head Coach and us fans can start enjoying every week with smiles on our faces, joy in our hearts, and an unapologetic pride in our Minnesota Vikings!

To everyone that takes the time to read my Gophers, Vikings, & Positivity in Life posts... I thank you so very much. I do it for my own fun and to bring some joy to other people who want to escape from reality for a few minutes each week. Maybe this will lead to something more in the future, but that isn't the reason I decided to start writing in the first place. I genuinely enjoy putting my thoughts on paper and including my humor, positive mindset, & heartfelt spins to my posts. I don't expect everyone to connect with me, but if just one of my sports blogs can start a conversation or make someone laugh during a tough week... or if my Positivity in Life posts can help people change their lives for the better in any way... that is what gets me excited and what this is all about! SOOOO... go Gophers, go Vikings, and JUST STAY POSITIVE! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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Oct 22, 2022

Kirk Cousins

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