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Gophers improve to 7-3 with a convincing 31-3 win over Northwestern. Iowa up next! WHO HATES IOWA?!

Mo Ibrahim led the charge with 178 yards and 3 TDs resulting in a dominant 31-3 victory over the Northwestern Wildcats. The Gophers started the season 4-0, lost 3 straight games, and now have bounced back by winning their last 3. The season is definitely not over as we have our 2 biggest rivals up next! We have a chance to win Floyd, win the Axe, and even win the Big Ten West if we can get a bit of help! In order for the Gophers to win the West, here is what we will need to happen:

  • Gophers need to beat BOTH Iowa and Wisconsin.

  • Purdue needs to lose to Northwestern OR Indiana.

  • Illinois needs to lose to Michigan OR Northwestern.

Northwestern has not been a good team this season, so banking on them to come through with a win for us is unlikely. That leaves us with 2 games. Illinois will have a tough matchup this week as they travel to Michigan. We should be cheering for Michigan this week. The Gophers will still need to take care of Iowa. We are hoping for these 2 outcomes to happen and we are expecting Purdue will beat Northwestern this week. We then need to take care of Wisconsin, while hoping Indiana pulls off a massive upset over their rival Purdue...sending the Gophers to our first ever Big Ten Championship most likely against Ohio State or Michigan. Let's not get too far ahead, let's take a look at this week's matchup.

THE BATTLE FOR FLOYD OF ROSEDALE! Let's go, Gophers! This will be a cold, battle of a game. Minnesota has not beaten Iowa since 2011 and we are far past due. All of those games that QB Athan Kaliakmanis has played in so far, including the Penn State White Out game should have him prepared for these rivalry games. He just needs to make some passes and take care of the ball. If Minnesota is going to win this game, Mo Ibrahim and someone on defense like Jordan Howden, are going to need to step up and have HUGE games. I just think this Iowa streak is going to end today. Their defense is damn good, but so is ours. Our offense is much better than their offense. If we can take care of the ball, take the points when they are there to take, keep field position, win time of possession, and create points off turnovers...then the Gophers should win this game. The Gophers come into this game as 2.5 point favorites with the o/u at only 31.5 points. I predict a 20-10 victory for the Gophers to extend the win streak to 4 games and to HOIST THE FLOYD OF ROSEDALE TROPHY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2011! LETS GO, BABY!!! GO GOPHERS!!!!

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