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Gophers lose on Homecoming to Purdue, 20-10. A much needed bye week upcoming.

The unexpected game time scratch of Running Back, and Heisman Candidate, Mo Ibrahim was the difference in this game. The Gophers entire team looked completely out of sync right from the start. It felt like a repeat of last year's Homecoming when they hosted Bowling Green. The team, once again, played like they were hungover and PJ Fleck made some very questionable decisions. I do need to add that Purdue is actually a very good, well-coached team...this isn't a horrible loss, in my opinion. I did catch myself continually saying "If you wanna win, put Ibrahim in! If you wanna win, let Ibrahim spinnn!" Anyone get that reference?!

Things I got accomplished during this intoxicated Gopher Football game:

  • Vacuumed the entire house, all 3 floors.

  • Deep cleaned both bathrooms.

  • Set up my Halloween decor with Pumpkin and Warm Apple Cider candles burning at the wick, because "Whywoonchya?!"

  • Played a few games of Solitaire, won.

  • Trimmed some shrubs.

  • Worked on my Pickleball game.

  • I gave Harley lots of pets because she's a good girl.

  • Painted a BEAUTIFUL picture of the famous Pinwheel Galaxy.

  • Hand made a baker's dozen worth of crumpets for the following day's London Viking game.

  • Pooped

Anyway, I vote that "Homecoming Games" are cancelled forever by the University of Minnesota. It's the right thing to do. Now, it's time for the Gophers to enjoy a nice bye week to rest up for the second half of the year and win the Big Ten West. Every team has games that they show up flat. Hopefully this is the only one the Gophers have. If Mo Ibrahim plays the rest of the regular season games, the Gophers have a great chance of winning out and going to the Big Ten Championship Game for the first time. One game at a time! Let's go, baby!!!

Here are pictures of Harley, look:

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