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Minnesota Gophers beat West Virginia 18-6 in Guaranteed Rate Bowl, finish 9-4 on the season!

With all of the injuries the Gophers had to overcome, winning this bowl game was a fitting end to the season. The Gophers were clearly the better team in this matchup and really should have scored way more points. Before the game, the roof of the stadium was left open for pregame festivities and it was raining cats and dogs. This made no sense considering the game was already going to be played on a baseball field and in the desert. This only made the game sloppier and difficult for both teams to keep their footing all night. It still led to the better team winning in the end.

The Gophers continued what they had done all year. Run the ball with efficiency and throw the ball when necessary. This season definitely had its ups and downs, but ultimately was a successful one. There are many schools that would love to finish the season with 9+ wins. The Gophers under PJ Fleck are now going to have that expectation moving forward. This is a very exciting time for the program and the state of Minnesota. When PJ Fleck was hired, he said that his goal was to awaken a sleeping giant and that is exactly what is happening after his 5th season at the helm.

The offseason has already kicked off and there is a lot to be excited about heading into next season. In my next post, I will go over what has been happening so far in the offseason and what to expect with the season ahead. For now, let's enjoy how this season ended! Even if people think this season didn't go well, I would say a 9-win season being a "down year" probably means we are headed in the right direction! Next season has the potential to be another magical season, much like the one we saw in 2019. GO GOPHERS!

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