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Minnesota Vikings (3-3) set to host the Dallas Cowboys (5-1) Week 8 Preview


The Minnesota Vikings will host the Dallas Cowboys in PRIMETIME at 7:20pm on Sunday night. Both teams are coming off of a Bye Week and should be mostly rested. The biggest question that remains is if star QB Dak Prescott is able to suit up and play for the Cowboys. He has been dealing with a pulled calf muscle for the past couple of weeks and the latest news is that it is improving but still giving him issues when he has tried to go full speed on it at practice. This will obviously be a huge blow to the Cowboys if he is unable to play.

Last season, the Cowboys came into Minnesota with a backup QB and were able to win a shootout against QB Cousins and the Vikings, 31-28. In his 7+ years as a starter, QB Cousins has not particularly played well in Primetime Games, against teams with winning records (our 3 wins so far are against teams that have losing records - Seahawks, Lions, Panthers; our 3 losses so far are against teams with winnings records - Bengals, Cardinals, QB Cousins is staying consistent lol), and since he has come to MN he has lost most games when the opposing team has started a backup QB which is super weird (Bears, Cowboys, and Chiefs are just a few I can think of). I do think this game will be dependent upon if Dak does end up playing or not. The Vikings defense is really starting to play well and the offense has its ups and downs but typically plays to its competition.

The Vikings have a very difficult remaining schedule, so this is going to be a great opportunity to earn a statement win in front of America and for QB Cousins to start writing a new narrative for his career. If Dak Prescott plays, I think the Cowboys will win 31-24. If Prescott does not play, I predict a 31-17 victory for the Vikings.

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Nov 03, 2021

Cousins is just the unluckiest an of all time.

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