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Minnesota Vikings (3-5) travel to play the LA Chargers (5-3) Week 10 Preview

Both the Vikings and Chargers are likely going to finish in the middle of the pack, each battling for the 7th seed in their respective conference for the playoffs. They also have been performing quite similar. They both have good RBs, bad rushing defenses, okay QB play, and both seem to play to the level of their opponent which leads to plenty of close games coming down to final drives. The Vikings need to get Dalvin Cook going so that the Chargers are forced to stack the box and allow Cousins and the passing game to open up. Cousins also needs to finally take advantage of this and start passing to his star receivers rather than relying on pointless dump offs to his FB and TE that eventually lead to 3 & outs. The Vikings have a 3-5 record and it's almost entirely due to their pathetic offensive output. Cousins needs to lead the offense to avoid any 3 & outs this Sunday and just get sustainable drives. This will keep the defense off the field and fresh in between drives. Last week's Ravens comeback was entirely on the offense not being able to get any first downs in the second half, they need to do better.

I think the Vikings will finally outplay the opposing team, with many of the fans likely being Vikings fans in LA. Dalvin Cook is going to have a big game and Cousins is going to finally start throwing to his WRs. It will still be a close game and likely come down to the final few drives of the game, eventually leading to a 31-28 victory for the Vikings. Let's go, Vikings! Man up and play some football, it's just a game! Have fun and give the fans a fun Sunday!

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