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Minnesota Vikings Week 3 Preview: Seattle Seahawks

The Minnesota Vikings (0-2) will be playing at home for the first time this season and will be hosting Russell Wilson (former NC State QB) and the Seattle Seahawks (1-1). The Russell Wilson led Seahawks are an incredible 7-0 against the Vikings, and both teams enter Week 3 really needing to win. After dropping the first 2 games of the season in heartbreaking fashion, the Vikings need to show something to it's home fans on Sunday. (This really feels like the first time the Vikings and the Seahawks have EVER played in Minnesota in a regular season game.)

Minnesota's offense needs to continue to run through, and be focused on, Dalvin Cook. Cook is the Vikings best player and when he starts rolling, everything else follows. Cousins and the 3 Wide Receivers also need to continue to play well. Cousins and the offense has had some sluggish halves already in the first 2 games, but he has thrown for just under 600 yards, 5 touchdowns, and no interceptions. The no interception trend needs to continue on Sunday against the Seahawks because Russell Wilson and this offense have the ability to put points on the board VERY quickly. The key offensive weapons the Seahawks have built around Wilson include WR Tyler Lockett, the young and promising WR DK Metcalf and hard-running RB Chris Carson. This game will be similar to the Vikings vs Cardinals game with it having the potential to be another high scoring game.

Both defenses have had their early season struggles. The Vikings will need Hunter, Kendricks, and Smith to lead the defense at each of the 3 levels. They will also need to take the same approach as they did against Kyler Murray in the second half and keep Russell Wilson contained and force him to throw within the pocket. Wilson is at his most dangerous when he is able to roll out of the pocket, away from the rushers, and buy more time for his receivers to find open areas in the defense. We have seen this for years with Wilson dating all the way back to his college days. Both Head Coaches in this matchup, Mike Zimmer and Pete Carroll, are heavy defensive minded coaches but neither have their typical unstoppable defenses we have all become accustomed to. Expect both to still take risks on defense to throw the opposing offenses off. Whichever defense is able to make more plays and turnovers should be able to come away with the win on Sunday.

I am feeling optimistic and really think the Vikings will come out as the hungrier team in this matchup. Dalvin Cook will get hot right away on the opening drive, Cousins will continue to take care of the ball and make the necessary passes, the defense will step up big by sacking Wilson multiple times and helping the Vikings win the turnover battle, and the Vikings will finish the Sunday afternoon slate of games with a fantastic 30-24 win over the Seahawks while also earning their first ever win against Russell Wilson.

Update: Dalvin Cook has been ruled OUT for today's game due to an ankle injury. With the Vikings' best player sidelined for this game, Cousins and the offense will need to be even more at the top of their game if they are going to improve to 1-2.

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