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MN embarrasses themselves with 13-10 loss to terrible Iowa. Battle for the Axe this week against WI!

Imagine cheering for a school with high expectations that proceeds to lose to the worst college SPORTS team in the history of the world every single season? That is what we have going on in Minnesota. Overall, PJ Fleck has turned this program around since he arrived, but he has yet to beat the shitty, horrendous Iowa Hawkeyes in 6 attempts. It has just gotten ridiculous. RB Mo Ibrahim even ran for 263 yards and a TD and the Gophers still managed to lose 13-10. Don't try to tell me that Iowa is good at all. They proceeded to host Nebraska yesterday (and Nebraska is just as bad), but Nebraska was able to beat Iowa in Iowa by jumping out to a 24-0 lead at one point. Whatever, I guess if the Gophers want to keep losing on purpose to Iowa then it's whatever. I can't control it.

The final game of the regular season is upon us! The end of the season always sneaks up on us so fast and we are playing for Paul Bunyan's Axe before we know it! Minnesota comes into this game at 7-4, while Wiscansin come in at 6-5. Both having subpar seasons... but Madison will be rocking for this matchup as it is ALWAYS a HUGE rivalry game. Minnesota is definitely the better team this season and I think this whole season has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I don't see this game being close at all. Minnesota is going to dismantle this Wiscansin team, 35-13, and keep the Axe in Minneapolis. Wiscansin can suck it. Their cheese sucks, their beer sucks, and their people suck. :D ... Off Wiscansin. Row the boat. Let's go, Gophers!

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