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Vikings routed by Packers, 41-17. Embarrassing. Next up, the Nathan Peterman led Chicago Bears.

I went to Green Bay with a few of my best friends and my brother for New Years Eve and to attend our first Vikings v Packers game at Lambeau Field! The game did not go as planned for our Minnesota Vikings, but it was a hell of a fun weekend! First off, the state of Wisconsin literally gives you cheese curds with everything...Want a burger? Here's some cheese curds. Buying a hat? It comes with cheese curds. Filling up a tank of gas? Here's some goddamn cheese curds!!! The pregame was awesome though. There were so many Vikings and Packers fans tailgating and meandering around the stadium for hours prior to kickoff. There was also a buzz in the air, as both sides still had hope for the game, and a constant smell of good grilled food, the sound of beer cans cracking open every .3 seconds, and of course cheese curds. One thing I learned is the Packer fans really love bragging about the fact that Lambeau is the tallest building in the city. Not sure why I kept getting told that, doesn't seem that cool to me. They also kept wanting to know what we thought of their stadium. I, of course, replied with "It ain't US Bank Stadium, but it's okay." That would usually be followed with a laugh or a pretentious scoff. Anyway, let's hop into the game!

Us Vikings fans, sadly, knew the game was over when the Vikings blocked a punt and started the drive on the Packers 1 yard line only to settle with 3 points. On the very first play from the 1 yard line, the Vikings elected to pass and Jefferson ran a slant route in the end zone and was COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN... the only problem was Cousins was looking at his first option... Johnny Mundt. In what world would your first option on 1st and goal from the 1 not be to look at the best Wide Receiver in the NFL since Randy Moss, and instead looking at the Viking's 7th option? Only Cousins, man! The Vikings eventually settled for a field goal and on the very next kickoff to the Packers, they returned a 105-yard kickoff to the house. This ballgame was over. We decided to embrace the party atmosphere as the Packers continued to kick the Vikings asses. We danced every time the Packers scored because they have a great celebration song, "Bang on the Drum All Day" by Todd Rundgren. I mean, what were we supposed to do? Be sad and disappointed about something we can't control? Hell no! Let's have fun and enjoy to most Curtis Cousins game in the history of Curtis Cousins games!! Over throws for days, a pick 6, 3 terrible interceptions that were all on Cousins, and a strip sack because Cousins...sigh. LOL. Final score was 41-17 Packers. It made going to the Stadium View bar much more fun anyway. At least we were surrounded by happy Packers fans, and us Vikings fans were already in the playoffs so we really were just vibin'. It was a fun time. :)

There is no doubt the Vikings have been good this year. It's been one of those magical seasons that we will remember for years to come. But when the 12-4 Vikings have lost games, they have been epically bad. That worries me for the playoffs. The best way to look at it as a Vikings fan is to just continue to ENJOY THE RIDE! We don't know how these games will go, but our Vikings have been nothing short of entertaining this season. Nothing they do statistically says they should be 12-4 right now and hosting at least one playoff game, but here we are. It's actually quite amazing what the power of positivity with Head Coach Kevin O'Connell has provided to this team's turnaround. The Vikings will be finishing up the regular season against the tanking Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. I usually say this is a tough place to play, but the Bears are in full tank mode and sitting all of their starters. They are tanking so aggressively that they announced they will be starting QB Nathan Peterman. Peterman is literally still in the league so that teams can hire him to help them tank. He is the definition of a walking interception...his job is actually to throw interceptions. If the Vikings give up double digit points to this Bears team, that will be an embarrassment in itself. I am going to predict a 34-9 victory for the Vikings in this one. It would only be the second time we have held a team under 10 points all season as well as beating a team by more than 1 score. Come on, Vikings! Let's end the regular season on a high note as we prepare for the playoffs next week! Build some of that confidence back up!

#SKOL (There are 9 photos below, enjoy)

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