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Top 10 Vikings QBs All-Time (Honorable Mentions and Worst QBs included)

The Best Vikings QBs:

1 - Fran Tarkenton: Best QB is Vikings history. Led the Vikings to 3 Super Bowl appearances. On the short list of best QBs to never win a Super Bowl.

2 - Daunte Culpepper: Led the Vikings to the 2000 NFCCG. Broke Dan Marino's combined passing and rushing season record in 2004 with 5,123 total yards. Fan favorite until injuries derailed his career. "Get your roll on, Daunte!"

3 - Randall Cunningham: Led the Vikings to the 1998 NFCCG and the greatest offense in NFL history at the time.

4 - Tommy Kramer: Nicknamed "Two-Minute Tommy" for his 19 comeback wins. Injuries derailed his career. Had single game passing yardages of 490, 456, 444, and 436 for the Vikings in the 80's. The Miracle at the Met hail mary to Ahmad Rashad.

5 - Brett Favre: Led the Vikings to the 2009 NFCCG. 3x MVP. First player to defeat all 32 NFL teams. Led the 2009 Vikings to 12-4 record.

6 - Joe Kapp: Led Vikings to our first Super Bowl appearance. Holds NFL record of 7 TD passes in a game.

7 - Case Keenum: Led the Vikings to the 2017 NFCCG. Magical 2017 season, leading the Vikings to a 13-3 record. The Minneapolis Miracle to Stefon Diggs.

8 - Wade Wilson: Led the Vikings to the 1988 NFCCG. 5th all time passing yards for the Vikings. 3 consecutive playoff appearances.

9 - Teddy Bridgewater: One of the biggest what-ifs for Vikings QBs. Led the Vikings to the 2015 NFC North Division Title, beating the Packers 20-13 in Lambeau in only his second season, the Vikings first division title since 2009. The next season in training camp, his knee exploded. "Teddy 2-Gloves."

10 - Brad Johnson: Won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers (my second favorite team). Over 11,000 passing yards with the Vikings. "BigBadBrad" on TikTok, great content.

Honorable Mentions:

1 - Sam Bradford: Injuries derailed his career, but was damn good when healthy. One of the best pure passers I have ever seen.

2 - Jeff George: Led the Vikings to 8-2 to finish the 1999 season and earned a playoff win, after taking over for the struggling Cunningham. Culpepper would take over in 2000.

3 - Warren Moon: Hall of Fame QB. Led some high powered Dennis Green offenses in his 3 seasons in Minnesota.

4 - Gus Frerotte: Similar to Jeff George, went 10-3 for the Vikings in backup roles before injuries derailed his career. Holds record for longest TD pass of 99 yards to Bernard Berrian.

5 - Rich Gannon: Led the Raiders to a Super Bowl (Lost to Brad Johnson and the Buccaneers). I met him once.

6 - Gary Cuozzo/Bob Lee: I have never heard of these guys either. Let's just sneak them in right here. Apparently they were a 2-headed QB monster like 60 years ago.

7 - Tarvaris Jackson: Wasn't great with the Vikings, but had flashes. Made 1 playoff game appearance as the starter. Won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. RIP. I'm not going to put him in the worst category out of respect...he has a SB ring and sadly passed away.

Curt Cousins Category (QBs that are overpaid & don't care about winning):

1 - Curtis Cousins: 10-40 against teams with winning record (2nd worst in NFL history). 12-20 in primetime games. 0-2 all time against Baker Mayfield. Chokes under any kind of pressure. 8th highest paid player in NFL history (insane). 11 year vet that has led his team to the playoffs 3 times (1 playoff win). Did lead the greatest comeback in NFL history (down 33 points). Once took a knee instead of spiking the ball to stop the clock. Threw a 3 yard out route on 4th and 8 to end the 2022 season, in the playoffs. Super annoying person. Essentially Christian Ponder, but can pass. No notable team success when it matters. Garbage time stat merchant. When taking expectations into consideration, Cousins is arguably the worst QB in team history. He was brought in to get us into the Super Bowl after Case Keenum had just led us to the NFCCG. Wow. Most selfish player in Vikings history..doesn't care about winning, only cares about his pointless personal stats.

Preseason Greats:

1 - Taylor Heineke: Unreal in the preseason, never lost a game.

2 - Kyle Sloter: Another amazing player in the preseason, his play was electric.

The Worst Vikings QBs:

1 - Shaun Hill: Not an NFL QB...he never was.

2 - Josh Freeman: Played 1 game for the Vikings. Went 20-53 with 190 yards and 1 int. Half of his passes weren't even close to the WRs.

3 - Christian Ponder: His wife, Samantha, is more famous than him. He once tried to throw the ball away/out of bounds, instead it stayed too close to the sidelines and got picked off. Adrian Peterson was his RB.

4 - Donavan McNabb: His first pass as a Viking went for a pick-6.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Maybe someday we can find another Franchise QB that can be our guy for 15+ seasons! Go Vikings!

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