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Top things you can do if don't have any arms. #armless

In case you ever find yourself without arms, this is the article for you! You may have been born without arms, maybe you had them stolen, or you lost them fighting a vicious land animal or sea creature. The good news is there are still plenty of things that you can do to keep life entertaining. I am going to list ideas of things you can do and also things you should stay away from.

Things to do if you don't have arms:

  • Soccer - Normally I wouldn't suggest people to play soccer because it's a stupid sport, but you aren't allowed to use your arms. You can only use your legs and head, which is the perfect activity in this situation!

  • Karaoke - For this one, you're gonna want a microphone with an adjustable stand, because you don't have arms. But you can sing! Everybody singing karaoke can sing. That's a fact.

  • Eyebrow Dancing - Having full control over your eyebrows and being able to put on an eyebrow dance for friends and family is super underrated.

  • Work Out - You can walk, run, do sit ups, or even the stair master!

  • Kickboxing - Become a professional kickboxer because that would be sick.

  • Listen to Music - Music is great.

  • Whale/Bird Watching - One of the most underrated activities in the world. People with arms do this all of the time.

  • Thinking - Think about things.

  • Eating - I love eating, but if you don't have any arms you are going to want to stay away from foods like spaghetti and cake. As amusing as it might be for the people around you, those foods can become very messy.

  • Sticking Your Tongue out until it Dries - Feels funky and cool, but it takes awhile for it to dry. Very unique sensation and an activity I would recommend to anyone, including the armless.

  • Dress up as a person with arms for Halloween - Halloween is a great holiday and this allows you to be anyone you want!

  • Hacky Sack - You aren't allowed to use your hands or arms in this game, so it's perfect! Dirty hippies made this game popular.

  • Tap Dancing - The cool kids do this and it's just super cool.

  • Be a Mother or a Father - You can still be great at this! Plus, 17% of the world's best parents are 66% limbless.

Things to AVOID if you don't have arms:

  • Boxing - You're going to get punched in the face so many times. You will never make it past round 1.

  • Swimming - You will probably drown, especially if you are by yourself. Also, sharks.

  • Driving a Vehicle - The gas and breaks will work, but I don't know how you're going to turn left or right. U-turns are going to be impossible.

  • Needlepoint - I don't know how this would even be possible. Sorry.

  • Tearing an ACL - Don't do this because then you'll only have one usable limb left.

  • Basketball - The whole dribbling, playing defense, and jump shooting is going to be essentially on expert level. Your teammates are going to be mad and the other team is just going to give the ball to the person you are guarding.

  • Football Referee - You won't be able to throw a flag if there is a clear holding penalty and how would anyone know if a play resulted in a first down?

  • Drummer in a Famous Band - I don't know how you even got hired. You're probably no good.

Thanks for reading! I am here for ALL people. Always remember to JUST STAY POSITIVE :)

#Armless #NoArms #JSP

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