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Vikings (4-5) host the Green Bay Packers (8-2) Week 11 Preview

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a great win over the LA Chargers and are hoping to carry that momentum into this matchup against their biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers. Despite the overall records, the Vikings are 1-0 in the division and the Packers are 2-0. This game will be a huge tone setter as we get closer to the playoffs. The Vikings are trying to claw back after a number of close losses in the first half of the season and trying to put themselves into likely a Wild Card slot, while the Packers have their eyes on the #1 seed and first round bye in the playoffs.

Both of these team have solid rosters, but what sets them apart with their records comes down to the abilities of each QB. Aaron Rodgers is a future Hall of Fame QB and still one of NFLs elite players at the position. QB Cousins is average at best and has shown in over 110 career starts that he doesn't have the ability to lift his team to victories consistently and when they need him most. His stats have never been an issue and if you don't actually watch his games and look only at stats, you can get fooled quite easily and left wondering why you wouldn't put him in the Top-10 QB conversation. There's no doubt he has the physical tools to make all of the throws that an NFL QB needs to make, he just doesn't have the intangibles and IT-factor that the elite QBs possess.

With all of this being said, the Vikings have a real opportunity to carry last week's momentum back home against the Packers. They will need to keep playing with that same HUNGRY and AGGRESSIVE mentality they showed against the Chargers. If there is one thing you should know about me, I do not like Wisconsin (sports)... I don't even eat or buy Wisconsin cheese because it's gross and there are 49 other states that make better cheese. When people I know offer me cheese and it's from Wisconsin, I tell them NO and call them idiots. There was once a stand at the Minnesota State Fair titled "Wisconsin Cheese," or come stupid name, and the people at the stand asked if my group was interested in buying some cheese... I told them the shut up, of course :-). Even if everyone is picking the Packers to win, I'm not going to do it. The Vikings are going play yet ANOTHER close game, but ultimately come out with a 27-24 victory at home to improve to 5-5 overall, and 2-0 in the division. COME ON, VIKINGS! BEAT THE PACKERS ON SUNDAY AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT!

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