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Vikings (5-5) travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers (5-5) Week 12 Preview

The Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers are both coming off 2 straight wins, both climbing back to 5-5 records. Minnesota is currently the 6th seed in the playoff picture and San Fran is the 7th seed. Winner of this matchup will be put in a really nice position for the remainder of the season. This game is likely going to be close and finish as a one score game.

The 49ers have looked like a complete team the last 2 weeks. They lean heavy on their run game (having gone over 150 yards each of the last 2 games), their defense is very solid (led by Nick Bosa), and their QB (Jimmy G) has been playing very efficiently the past 2 games throwing for 358 yards, 4 TDs, and no INTs. If the 49ers can control the time of possession with their run game, contain Dalvin Cook on defense, and not commit any turnovers, they will have a really good shot in this game.

The Vikings have played more aggressively over the past 2 weeks leading to back to back, one score wins. They have a strong running game with Dalvin Cook and their passing game has played much better this season. They also are the only team in the NFL to have a 7-point lead in every single game this year, despite only being 5-5 on the season. If the Vikings can win the turnover battle, the passing offense can be productive and stay aggressive, and the defense can stand strong during the end of the halves, the Vikings have a chance to improve to 6-5.

Both teams have similarities across the board. The Vikings have the better passing offense/defense, while the 49ers have the better rushing offense/defense. Both teams are top-5 in offensive redzone conversion rate, while both defenses rank in the bottom half in the same category. Both teams have also been below average on 3rd downs offensively. The team that can win the time of possession, win the turnover battle, and convert drives into touchdowns instead of field goals will come out victorious in this matchup. With that being said, the 49ers are coming into this game as 3.5 favorites and I think they will beat the Vikings 31-27 in a game that will be decided by the final couple of drives, yet again (I do think the Vikings can absolutely go 3-0 against the Lions, Steelers, and Bears in their next 3 games, getting to 8-6). Go Vikings, prove me wrong and extend the winning streak to 3 games!


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