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Vikings (5-7) host the Steelers (6-5-1) on Thursday Night Football, Week 14 Preview

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Do I think the Vikings can win this game? Yes, I guess it's possible. Do I think the Vikings are going to beat the Steelers? No. No I don't. The Vikings QB has a terrible record in primetime games and against teams with winning records. The Vikings are also favored coming into this matchup which isn't good since the Steelers have a surprisingly great record under HC Mike Tomlin whenever they are the underdogs. I think the Steelers will win by a score of 27-20, or something..whatever, there is probably going to be a few missed kicks tonight. I mean, neither team was able to beat the Detroit Lions this year.

I can't wait for Thursday to cheer on the Minnesota Vikings! Woohoo! Go Vikings! Skol!

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