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Vikings barely beat the Bears 19-13. Hosting the 49ers on Monday night in Week 7. #SKOL

The Vikings were able to escape Soldier Field with a 19-13 victory over one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Chicago Bears. What does that say about the Vikings? The Vikings are now 2-4 with both wins coming against teams that are a combined 1-11 and beat each the Panthers and Bears by 1 score thanks to defensive TDs. You just aren't ever going to have much success when you continue to start an incompetent player at QB. The Vikings are now in their 6th season with that incompetent QB. The good news is that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fun Fact: per PFF, the Vikings offensive line is currently 1st in run blocking and 3rd in pass blocking in the NFL after Week 6.

When the Wilfs hired O'Connell and Kwesi less than 2 years ago, they wanted them to run the same team back to determine if they made the right hires because they believed the current roster was better than what it performed like in Zimmer's last season. O'Connell and Kwesi took essentially that same team and finished 13-4, winning the NFC North, and making the playoffs. It showed the Wilf's that they were the right hires and have now given the reigns to KOC and KAM to start the rebuilding process in Minnesota. This season is clearly the start of that rebuild, having traded pretty much everyone over the age of 30 and deciding to thankfully not re-sign QB Cousins beyond this season. (Our win percentage in the 87 games with Cousins is worse than our win percentage in the previous 87 game without Cousins. Not a surprise, but just wanted to note that for my readers.)

The trade deadline this season is on October 31st, so don't be surprised if they look to trade guys on aging contracts to acquire more draft picks and younger players as this rebuild continues. Players I would expect to be getting shipped include Hunter, Davenport, Cleveland, Smith, Hicks, Osborn and Cousins (if he agrees to waive his no-trade clause). I want to make it clear, this is not the type of rebuild that will lead to years of futility that we have seen with terrible organizations like the Lions, Bears, Browns, Jaguars, etc. The Vikings are the 3rd winningest franchise in NFL history in the SB era for a reason. Our down years are usually a blip in the grand scheme of things. If the Vikings can hit on a young QB in this year's draft, there are plenty of young, foundational pieces on this team to get back to the level of success that we expect. No one of this team will be over the age of 30 and will be able to grow together and work towards that elusive SB trophy that has eluded this fanbase since the 60's.

Week 6, the 2-4 Vikings will host the 5-1 San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. I always prefer when the Vikings play on Sunday, but if you are a 49ers fan, I would assume you guys are excited for the inevitable massacre the 49ers are about to put on the Vikings. I don't see a scenario where this game ends even remotely close. I predict a 44-10 victory for the 49ers on Monday. This will lead to the Vikings ramping up trade talks with other teams as we get closer to the October 31st deadline, prepare yourselves for some big changes! Go Vikings, do the right thing and give this fanbase some hope for the future! #SKOL


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