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Vikings beat Jets 27-22, exactly what I predicted! 5-7 Lions host 10-2 Vikings this weekend.

THE VIKINGS CANNOT BE STOPPED! Yet another Minnesota Vikings victory as they take down the New York Jets, 27-22. We love the the 10-2 start, but it's hard on us Vikings fans. They keep giving us heart attacks with these one score games that end on the final drive. Is it too much to ask for the Vikings to just beat a team by 2+ scores?! Let's take a look back at what Birdman's Blog predicted for this game.... "The Vikings defense should force some timely turnovers like they always do and Justin Jefferson will have another big game. I predict a 27-22 victory for the Vikings to improve to 10-2." Literally predicted the exact outcome of the game! LETSSSS GOOOO!! The Vikings won the turnover battle 2-0 against the Jets, with interceptions on the Jets' first drive and final drive of the game. I have been noticing this trend of NERD Vikings fans always complaining about the Vikings defense this year. You guys are a bunch a stupid nerds and you know that I know that you know that I am talking about you. Pretty much every single win this year has come from the Vikings defense creating game ending turnovers, and the games we have lost have been due to our offense not showing up. Quit crying like little school girls and admit this defense is solid, who cares if they let up a couple yards here and there. They ain't giving up many points and we have one of the best turnover differentials in the NFL. Go Vikings!!!!

This weekend, the Vikings have another tough test. The fully healthy 5-7 Detroit Lions (4-1 in their last 5 games) are looking to keep making a push for a wild card position and will host our 10-2 Minnesota Vikings. The first matchup saw a tight contest between the 2 teams with the Vikings scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 45 seconds left to win 28-24. This game should be another one that comes down to the final drive. The Lions dealt with important injuries early in the year, but they are fully healthy now and back to firing on all cylinders. Detroit has scored 30+ points for an NFL-high six times this season and leads the league in red zone efficiency, scoring touchdowns on nearly 3/4 of its drives deep in opponent's territory. I have a feeling this game is going to be an even more high scoring affair than we saw in the first matchup. I predict a 33-30 Vikings victory with the Vikings defense forcing a game winning turnover, yet again! Let's go, VIKINGS! Keep our eyes on that #1 seed in the NFC Standings! (Note: I am a little worried the Lions will crush the Vikings. Vegas currently has the Lions as 2.5 point favorites and last time we were underdogs was against the Cowboys...Just mentally prepare yourself. Maybe think of some chores or activities to do in case things go south.)

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