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Vikings beat the Dolphins 24-16, improve to 5-1 heading into Bye Week!

Wow, what a start for our Minnesota Vikings! Who would have thought we would win 5 out of our first 6 games against completely injury riddled teams! I love it! The Week 7 Bye comes at a nice time for the Vikings to rest up and clean up some of the issues that they have been getting away with in the first 6 weeks. For starters, the Vikings led the league in 3&outs and 2021 with 53 and are currently on pace to surpass that number. Next, we haven't exactly had the toughest schedule (besides our loss to the undefeated Eagles), yet our last 4 wins have all been 1 score victories against banged up teams that we should be blowing out. Finally, our kicking game has not been good. This is concerning to me for later in the season when the stakes are higher. Vikings fans should understand what I am getting at. Either way, I can't complain about starting 5-1 and having a 2-game lead in the division! It's a tough league to win each week, so you just gotta keep finding ways to win and there is no doubt that players are coming through in clutch situations for the Vikings so far.

This Bye Week will be crucial for the Vikings to "self scout" since the schedule will be much tougher the rest of the way. I sure hope the Vikings can keep it rolling, but the remaining schedule worries me a bit and I can see a potential big stretch of losses piling up if they continue to play the way they have in the first 6 weeks. I am going to stay positive since a do believe Kevin O'Connell is a heck of a Head Coach. Let's go, Vikings!

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