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Vikings defeat the Bears in thrilling end, 29-22! Week 6, (4-1) Vikings travel to (3-2) Dolphins!

Start getting the Super Bowl Victory Parade ready in Minneapolis because the Vikings are looking like the best team in the NFL! I'm just baby-goating. The Vikings have taken advantage of opposing teams' injuries to starters to get to a 4-1 record, and that won't change against the Dolphins. That being said, the NFL is not an easy league to win each week, so I am more than happy to see this kind of start with a little bit of luck on our side. Before the season started, I had the Vikings starting 4-2 but ending 8-9 (with a ceiling of 10-7). They appear to be right on track.

The Vikings jumped out to a 21-3 lead on the Bears, only to have the Bears score 19 unanswered points and take a 22-21 lead in the 4th quarter. QB Cousins and the Vikings offense proceeded to wake up and put together a beautiful 7 minute drive in the 4th quarter leading to a TD and successful 2-point conversion to take a 29-22 lead with just under 2.5 minutes left in the game. QB Justin Fields had what appeared to be a huge, game tying 50+ yard touchdown run, only to have it called back due to a block in the back penalty against WR Smith-Marsette. A play or 2 later, Fields completed a pass to Smith-Marsette who was able to shake CB Dantzler...but instead of getting out of bounds, Smith-Marsette decided to stay in bounds and fight for more yards, giving Dantzler enough time to jump back up and rip the ball out of his arms and seal the victory for the good guys! What an ending! I had predicted a 27-17 victory for the Vikings in my preview, but I will take a 29-22 victory!

Week 6, the Vikings travel to Miami to face what was a red hot Dolphins team. The Dolphins come into this game as another injury depleted team. They will likely be starting their rookie, 3rd string QB Skyler Thompson. This is due to concussions to both Tua and Teddy Bridgewater over the previous couple of weeks. The Dolphins still do have some have some solid playmakers in Tyreek Hill, Waddle, Mostert, and Edmonds... but I just don't see the Vikings losing to a team that will have a rookie QB making his first career start. (The Vikings are currently a 3.5 point favorite which makes me think that we could see Teddy Bridgewater clear concussion protocol and make the start. This would create a closer final score than my prediction in the next sentence.). I predict a 30-13 victory for the Vikings, to improve to 5-1 heading into the Bye Week. Let's go, Vikings! Keep the good times rolling and continue to take advantage of these team's injury issues!

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