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Vikings lose 27-20 to the Chiefs. 1-4 Vikings travel to 1-4 Chicago Bears in Week 6. #SKOL

The Minnesota Vikings fumbled on the first play of the game AGAIN. At this point it is just getting ridiculous. I have never seen an NFL team have the fumbling yips this bad. There is no indication that this mental disease will all of a sudden stop. Of course the Chiefs ended up winning 27-20, dropping the Vikings to 1-4 on the season (and 1-4 in 1 score games) after going 11-1 in one score game last season. The luck from last season has absolutely run out, just like I said it would in my preseason posts. To make matters worse, Superstar Justin Jefferson hurt his hamstring during the second half and has been placed on the IR. This means he will be out for at least the next 4 games. The trade deadline is October 31st. We travel to Chicago this weekend, host the 49ers, and then travel to Lambeau Field. I think the best outcome for us before the deadline and without JJ will be 2-6. Our only chance at winning is this weekend in Chicago, because we are not going to beat the 49ers (they have the better team and QB), and then we will lose to the Packers because teams went 0-15 last season the week after they played against the 49ers.

Heading into Week 6, the Chicago Bears host the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are 1-4, but the Bears are improving their play the last 2 weeks, while the Vikings are going in the opposite direction. It will also be a memorial game for the legendary Bears LB Dick Butkus. I just don't see the Vikings winning this weekend due to the Bears playing better, Dick Butkus passing away, and the Vikings not having Justin Jefferson. I predict a 28-24 win for the Bears, dropping the Vikings to 1-5 and heating up the trade talks in Minnesota with 2 weeks left to sell off players before the trade deadline. I would always like to see the Vikings win, but it would be more beneficial for us to not get our hopes up and back into a 7 or 8 win season. That would be worst case scenario at this point. The Vikings are clearly looking to move in another direction in a couple areas and have a good opportunity ahead of them to be in a good position for much needed high draft picks to start a new era. Got to think of the future now as we are not making the playoffs this season.

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