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Vikings lose 34-26 to the 49ers, drop to 5-6. Playoff hopes still easily in sight.

This was a fairly easy game to predict as the 49ers are just better than the Vikings right now, mainly due to injuries coming into this game. Had this been in Minnesota, I think it would have been a slightly closer ending with the same result. Here was what I said in my prediction, "...the 49ers are coming into this game as 3.5 favorites and I think they will beat the Vikings 31-27 in a game that will be decided by the final couple of drives, yet again (I do think the Vikings can absolutely go 3-0 against the Lions, Steelers, and Bears in their next 3 games, getting to 8-6)." The 49ers ended up winning 34-26 and this was done by taking advantage of the Vikings injuries on defense and winning the time of possession with its running game by a large margin, 37:07-22:53. I also still think the Vikings will bounce back and win its next 3 games. Here are some of the stats from Sunday's game that stood out:

  • RB Dalvin Cook: 103 total yards

  • WR Adam Thielen: 62 yards & 2 TDs

  • WR Justin Jefferson: 83 yards

  • RB Kene Nwangwu: 99 yard kick return TD

As we come into the back end of the regular season, the Vikings are going to need to play solid football the rest of the way. We should be able to get back to 6-6 after the next game against the winless Lions, and then improve to 8-6 after we beat the Steelers and Bears. The main concern I have is the fact that 3 of our final 6 games are primetime games and our QB does not have a good track record in those types of games. But if we can finish the last few games at 4-2 or 5-1, I think we will have a real shot at sneaking into that final 7-seed for the playoffs. I will have more on the Lions matchup in the preview!

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