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Vikings winning streak ends after losing 40-3 to Cowboys. Next up, hosting Patriots on Thanksgiving!

Last week's recap: Dallas 40, Vikings 3. Nothing went right for Minnesota. I don't want to talk about. Our Vikings are still 8-2, though!

Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight, the Vikings will be hosting the New England Patriots for the Thanksgiving NFL finale! The Vikings are currently 8-2, built on some unusual stats. We actually have a -2 point differential, we are allowing 50 more yards/game than our offense is gaining, but we do have a +7 turnover differential. The Patriots have one of the best defenses and special teams in the league and are a very tough team. This is going to be another difficult game for the Vikings due to how good NE's defense is. This is also an evening Primetime game, and that's never good news when your team is still trotting out QB Cousins. The Vikings also have not beaten the Patriots since September of 2000. The Patriots offense is not as strong as the Cowboys, so I think this one will be much closer from start to finish. Currently, the Vikings are 2.5 point favorites, but I am predicting a 23-20 victory for the New England Patriots in this one. Hopefully we don't get Primetime Cousins, but I unfortunately think there is no avoiding it. Go Vikings, make this a Thanksgiving to remember and get back into the win column! SKOOOOLLLLLLL!

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