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Michigan murders Minnesota 52-10. The Gophers are broken. Much needed Bye Week. #RowTheBoat #Sinking

Yes Michigan is the #2 team in the nation, but the Gophers losing 52-10 at home is not okay. This Gopher team is broken and it's not going to be fixed this year. Athan Kaliakmanis doesn't look like he knows what he is doing at Quarterback. He threw TWO pick-6's, including one on the very first play of the game. I luckily haven't had to sit through the 3 losses so far this year. Against UNC, I was in downtown Hopkins celebrating Oktoberfest. Against Northwestern, I was at First Ave attending the Explosions In The Sky concert. And against Michigan, I went to Target Center to watch the Wu Tang Clan & NaS: New York State Of Mind concert. All 3 activities were much more enjoyable experiences. I hope everybody else is finding other things to do instead of watching these Gophers play, too.

This weekend the Gophers have a much needed bye week. They need to reevaluate every position and make changes based on ability and not keep starting guys because of their age or favoritism. For example: to start the season at running back, they had Tyler, Taylor, Williams, and Evans. They only had Tyler listed 1st string because he was a Senior grad transfer. That is not a winning mentality and the fans can see through this BS. The running back depth chart should have clearly been Taylor, Evans, Williams, and Tyler. I am sure there are other parts of the depth chart that have these flat out errors. Quit doing this PJ, prove to us why you were hired and play the right guys. There is no reason we should be losing by 42 points to ANYONE in Fleck's 7th season. Truly pathetic.

Don't get me wrong, I will always support the Minnesota Gophers, but I am not going to muffle my opinion on things and I am going to spend my time doing things that bring me enjoyment. Right now, the Gophers football team is not fun to watch and it is disappointing watching the decline since the 2019 season. I really thought Fleck had us on the right track. I also don't know if the Gophers will get to 6 wins this year and make a bowl game anymore.

Go Gophers, fix everything you can and come to play against Iowa next weekend. Iowa sucks, yet we keep losing to them. Fix your shit. Represent the state of Minnesota properly, quit embarrassing us.

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