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MN wins Homecoming game 35-24 over Louisiana. 3-2 Gophers host 5-0 #2 Michigan for Little Brown Jug.

The Gophers actually won their Homecoming game for the first time in 3 seasons! My reverse psychology worked! The Gophers have looked very questionable this season and had lost their previous 2 homecoming games, so winning this one is a great feeling! They will need to play a lot better this coming Sunday if they are going to pull off the upset over rival Michigan.

Minnesota is now 3-2, but they come into Week 6 hosting the 5-0 #2 Michigan Wolverines for the Little Brown Jug Trophy. I hate to break it to you, but we ain't beating Michigan this weekend. Not saying it's impossible, but it will take an absolute miracle. Michigan is one of the best teams in the nation and they have a future first round QB in JJ McCarthy. I really don't see how the Gophers pull out a win here. Darius Taylor will need to rush for 200+ yards with multiple TDs and the Gophers defense is going to have to play the best game in the history of college football. I, unfortunately, predict a 33-10 victory for the Michigan much as I hate writing this. Go Gophers, hopefully you guys can ride the momentum from last week's bounce back win. If the Twins can finally win a playoff game and playoffs series for the first time in 20 years, why can't the Gophers beat Michigan?!

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